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Surface Pro 3 And Surface Pro 4 Useful Information

It would come as no surprise to many who look at this website that I love my Surface Pro collection. Now, at the minute I only have some Surface Pro 3’s and Surface Pro 4’s – so I can’t really help much with any of the newer ones.

I used to be a Mac person though. The Surface Pro range brought me back to Windows. Then the Surface-Linux team also got me into running Linux on the Surface range, because, well, Windows 10 is pretty decent but I am concerned about the level of telemetry that goes back to Microsoft.

So in this category you’ll find all sorts of things relating to Surface Pro 3 and Surface Pro 4

Ubuntu 20.04 Linux on Surface Pro 4 – Working Pretty Well

Linux On Surface Pro 4 Booting Up

UPDATE: 22 April 2020 OK, so in the article I stated that I used the stock kernel and the touchscreen doesn’t work at all. I’ve since installed the linux-surface/linux-surface kernel and in fact the touchscreen works fantastically well. It indeed, works better for me on Linux than it did on Windows. On Windows I suffered …

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