Fedora Core 32 on Surface Pro 4 Featured Image

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  1. I perceived it that touch was working better with Ubuntu but here it says that it’s a kernel thing, which means touch encounters the same problems in both distributions, right?

    Do you know if there is work going on with touch and/or webcam?

    What’s the advantages with Ubuntu, if there are any?

    Thanks for another good article.

    1. Touch is indeed a kernel thing. The linux-surface project supports Ubuntu a little better with the LTS kernel which is what you’ll need if you want multitouch at the moment (ie, pen AND finger). I’ve spoken with the Linux-Surface developers about the LTS kernel on Fedora and they currently don’t have a test machine to build against though they’re working on it.

      They are working on multitouch but it requires some interesting mathematics apparently. They’re also working on webcam compatibility. Also, JakeDay has apparently returned but its a bit early to determine if he’ll work together with the Linux-Surface guys (who forked his work after he left for a year or more) or whether he’ll want to continue on his own. Hopefully he’ll work with the Linux-Surface guys as they’ve all got something awesome to contribute.

  2. This distro hasn’t been known as “Fedora Core” for a very long time now. The proper name is simply “Fedora”.

  3. Hello,

    Thank you for the write up. I am a little new to linux and would really like to get the touch function working on my SP4 but I cant seem to get it working. A) I cant find how to point fedora to new kernel build. B) when I run the the (systemctl) command to start iptsd it seems to be running it there in the terminal but touch isnt working. I am not sure how to build the iptsd package correctly and to also point my grub to boot the new kernel that was built to have touch functionality. I am on kernel 5.8.11-200

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