Hackintosh on Surface Pro 3. Super cheap, ultra portable 1

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  1. Hi,

    Great tutorial! I will try it soon. Shall you run a geekbench to check the performance numbers? It would be nice.

    Best regards.

  2. After creating the USB installer and attempting to boot, in verbose mode it shows ACPI Error: namespace lookup failure. I loaded the config.plist as shown but this seems to fail on my surface pro 3. Any ideas?

  3. Hi,
    super tutorial!
    which Kext files did you use to get the hardware working on the SP3? for example keypad/backlight, imessage/facetime, audio, screen resolution,…
    Thanks for your support!


  4. I have my Surface pro 3 running the touch with mojave, I don’t know where to download the efi, but it works !!! I feel bad English I use a translator.

  5. Hi any idea how u made touch screen work ?? Which kext Or driver Is responsible?

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