Steve The Oyster

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Steve The Oyster
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Who Is Steve The Oyster?

Steve the Oyster is a fictional cartoon character created by Steve Brown and Claire Compton during a brain storming session one long hot August afternoon. Clearly the heat had affected both of their brains by this point. It may have been the rather large volume of Pink Gin that had been consumed… But nonetheless, Steve The Oyster was conceived (so to speak).

Steve was created to fulfil a specific role in society. It is his job to impart his ‘Pearls of Wisdom’. His pearls of wisdom are mini-slogans or catchphrases with some kind of message behind them. Think of them as ‘words to live by’. Steve’s pearls come in all sorts of forms, not just a necklace…

Primarily though, Steve’s pearls can be found on RedBubble merchandise at

It might be interesting to note that oysters produce pearls in response to a painful stimulus from sand stuck in their shell. Steve therefore tries to produce his pearls in response to painful things people might be going through in life. But having said that, they may just be a smart arsed commentary on something that springs into his mind.

Steve The Oyster has limited filtering capability. He is a mollusc after all. We do hope he doesn’t cause you any offence, but if he does, please don’t expect him to clam up. He is quite shellfish and he’ll expect you to jog on. Since he can’t, because he doesn’t have legs…

Anyway, here’s some links to the start of Steve The Oyster’s pearls of wisdom. We’ll update this page as he comes up with more. Be patient, it’s a slow process for someone of his intellect. It usually requires alcohol…

Steve The Oyster And His Pearls Of Wisdom
Steve The Oyster
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