geo flex 2 in 1 review

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  1. great review! I am starting college and looking to buy this laptop . A 64gb one now exists so thinking of buying that. Would you recommend it as the right choice for a laptop for college use ? Bearing in mind I definitely want a lightweight laptop (I also like the idea of it being touch screen but ive never had a touchscreen one before is the feature that useful?)
    Or do you think other laptops are available in currys pc world for €350 or under and that are suitable for college use?

    1. Hi Sarah,
      Thanks for the compliment 🙂

      A 64Gb option would definitely be better than the 32Gb the original version came with. Curry’s PC World tried to direct me to the cheaper Chromebooks when I was looking. I decided against a Chromebook as I wanted to run too many things that only ran on Windows.

      This little laptop is definitely lightweight and very portable. The touchscreen and tent/tablet mode do make it quite versatile.

      The thing to bear in mind with your ultimate choice is that this is definitely a budget laptop. It’s not a screaming fast workhorse. But for taking notes for college and browsing the web it should serve you well. In the end I switched to a Surface Pro laptop/tablet but I ended up needing a lot more horsepower than I originally planned. But the Surface Pro range are a lot more expensive – although some good ones are available on eBay second hand for a similar price to the Geo Flex. But of course they’re second hand and won’t have the same kind of warranty as a new Geo does.

      I did enjoy my little Geo Flex – the portability and light weight were a definite bonus for someone who’s going to be carrying it around college. It should work well for you, but it won’t be the quickest machine in the world. If you do buy one, I’d recommend getting yourself a laptop cover – the outside is fairly soft and prone to scratching easily. It won’t stop it working of course but it makes it look tatty.

      Hope that helps a bit!

  2. Got the 32 gb version. I don’t game, except for FM 2019…..and it does that perfectly well. Most software can be installed on an sd card and, thankfully, windows 10 now lets you use a usb stick to buffer space for their insanely large updates. I really like it, absolutely fine for browsing, videos, business purposes, etc. It’s not really fast, but it’s fast in terms of opening office 365 and stuff I actually use a laptop for.

    The tablet mode is nonsense. Without being able to disable the keyboard and touchpad sensibly, it isn’t practical as a tablet. However, as a laptop you can easily carry about and now can be bought new for under £90, it’s amazing value. Battery lasts forever, no lag, boots fast. Better than an ipad and about 1 10th of the price. Even feels high quality.

    If you are under 25 it’s probably not for you, but for presentations and work stuff it’s great. I am prepared to wait 3 seconds for an app or webpage to open/load. It’s obviously designed to be an ‘on the go’ bit of kit. 4gb of ram is plentiful for most people, and a 128gb sd card is about £12 these days. In 3-5 years it would likely still make a pretty good power bank if the battery holds up….usb seems to remain active when it’s powered off

  3. Bought this laptop, and I can confirm it’s really easy to upgrade the storage on it. In my case I used a 240 GB WD Green m.2 Sata3 SSD. Worked as soon as I pushed in. All that remains to be done is to create a (or more) partition(s) , and that’s it.

  4. Dear Steve,

    Thank you for recommending the GeoFlex 2-in-1 convertible. It is really a smart choice. One question only, are you sure the RAM is not expandable? This machine would be a killer with 8 GB. It is funny the Bios shows 4 memory slots with only two in use. I know perhaps this was an option for the manufacturer rather than for the end user, but we are so often mistakenly told we cannot do this and that. Any thoughts?

    Best wishes,


    1. Hi CJ,
      I didn’t look particularly closely at the motherboard, but I couldn’t see any obvious SODIMM slots or similar. My suspicion is that the RAM is soldered on and not therefore easily upgradeable. The only easy upgrade is the hard drive.

  5. I have on of these for my daughter it is 1 week out of warranty and currys won’t give me any support and were very rude.
    My keyboard has stopped working the tablet keyboard works fine and a usb external also works but I can’t find a way to get the main keyboard working., it says there is a keyboard lock next to the power switch but I can’t find it

    Any ideas??

    1. Hi Iain,
      I’ve not got mine any more but there definitely wasn’t a physical keyboard switch next to the power. There may have been a soft-key though, perhaps one of the function keys with the Fn button held down?

      If Curry’s aren’t giving you the support you need you could try Geo directly – I found them to be pretty responsive when I had any issues.

  6. I realise it’s been some time, but I’ve just tried the Fn and F12 and it locked out my keyboard and touchpad, I guess this is tablet mode only.

  7. I’m having huge problems with my geo flex it is asking for external storage media to be inserted. Doesn’t work at all. Any suggestions?

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