Can I Upgrade the Storage in the Geo Flex 2 in 1 laptop? This Guide Shows You How Easy It Is 1

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  1. Thanks for the detailed write up, found it very useful as the 32gig drive wouldn’t allow updating to the latest version of Windows 10, tried using 128gig micro flash drive as spare space when updating but kept failing as when rebooting kept saying insert drive (this 128gig MicroSD card never showed up in the bios)

    Have now installed a 250gig version of the WD Green M2 SATA drive you linked to and yes laptop is much faster.
    All I need to do now is find someway of getting a replacement glass screen.

    1. Hi Keith,
      That’s fabulous to hear – thank you for taking the time to give me feedback. I’m thrilled that it’s worked for you and I think with that little upgrade it’s a solid choice for a budget ultra-portable Windows 2 in 1.

      On the screen front I don’t have any experience with trying to change it yet so I can’t help there I’m afraid. You might have some luck on eBay but the process for changing it might be interesting! You may get lucky and only need to change the glass itself rather than the whole LCD depending on how they’re put together. I know replacing the LCD screen on the Surface Pro 4 requires a full LCD and glass assembly which makes it a bit more expensive.

      Good luck and let me know if you manage to succeed!

      All the best,

  2. Great guide thanks, would never have realise the drive needed to be upside down! I had a spare Sandisk 128gb m.2 drive so have used that. Having trouble downloading the drivers though, it seems to stall at any point during the download. Do you happen to have them on a shareable link somewhere else? Or perhaps send them to me? Thanks

  3. Hi Steve,

    I’m having trouble getting the keyboard to disable in tablet mode. Is this working for you? It’s a shame as it stops the laptop being used flat in tablet mode due to pressing keys on the back!

    1. Hi Jezz,
      No, unfortunately it’s one of the only things I couldn’t get to work and it’s daft. I rarely used it in tablet to be fair so it didn’t bother me greatly. If I find the answer I’ll let you know though

  4. I have a GeoFlex. Seemingly the same as yours, but then again not quite so! There is no panel on the external casing, and no two screws to remove.
    None the less I persevered, and removed the full outer casing to inspect inside the box. There is an empty space underneath where I think your hatch is, and the PCB wraps round the end. The PCB has a profusion of micro solder marks, so I think that this is the location where the M2 socket could have been mounted but it’s empty on mine.
    You don’t mention about the emmc location but I am guessing that on yours it was probably on a mini board using the same M2 socket and had to be removed?
    Access to the CMOS menu is available on mine just by holding the delete key immediately when turning on. Reveals the longest and most detailed CMOS menu that I’ve ever seen before.
    You seem to have had a lot of trouble with reestablishing drivers after the hardware change. So long as the original set up is still available on the eemc it is probably possible to make a disk image from it. Procedures all exactly the same as for replacing any conventional drive with an SSD.
    Anyway, I am as you can imagine pretty disappointed. None the less thank you for alerting me to the possibility. I don’t suppose that Dixon’s were very enthusiastic about selling a ‘cheap’ product that could be modified to compete head-on with far more profitable products at more than twice the price!
    Warning to others, if you can’t see a hatch on the outside of the case, you probably can not mount an M2 card on your Geo Flex!.

    1. Hi Adrian,
      Is yours the 32G eMMC or the newer 64G eMMC I’ve been hearing about? Perhaps they removed the M.2 socket on the newer ones. That’s a shame if they did, they’re good machines when the SSD is upgradeable. Removing that options is a retrograde step.

      The eMMC is soldered to the board and didn’t occupy the M.2 slot. It was extra. So, I had 32G eMMC and 128G M.2 SATA.

      And thanks for the warning to others – if you want to upgrade, get the one with the hatch!

      1. I have the 32gb fivetech variant. It doesn’t have a hatch at the back. And when you remove the back, there is an empty space where an m.2 slot would be. So apparently, some variants of this laptop is crippled.

        Also I tried to install linux on the laptop, thinking it will manage the 32gb much better. Unfortunately, the WiFi chip (Intel 3165 AC) used in these laptops is a chip from hell for linux. It is considered to be one of the worst wifi chips ever produced. Even Intel dropped support recently.

        So, for me, it is no disk upgrade, no wifi (or use an external usb wifi adapter). Really big show stoppers, but I still like the device.

        1. Hi Burkay,
          I’ve heard elsewhere that some variants don’t have the hatch or the ability to upgrade it. That’s a shame as that upgrade ability turns it from a mediocre device into one worth having… I couldn’t have got on with it on 32Gigabytes. But if you can get on with it then it is a good device still as you said

          1. Hi Steve,
            After trying many things to make the WIFI work in Linux, I have finally decided to switch back to Windows 10. Unfortunately, now I have WIFI but lost the touchscreen! At some point I have reset the BIOS to default settings. I suspect that that may have created some problems. Windows 10 successfully recognizes the touch screen as a Goodix HID device. I have also installed the Geo drivers from the link you have provided. But it simply didn’t work. Touch input was not working, also the mouse was acting weird. It was randomly moving around the screen and clicking things on its own.
            Then I have downloaded 1.4 drivers for Goodix that I have downloaded from some Microsoft site ( I guess). That slightly improved things. Now the mouse behaves and doesn’t act on its own. But the touch input is still useless. I can now see that the touch input is recognized, but it behaves as if the screen is rotated and then works only at some points on the screen and not on others. So weird!
            These lead me to two possible culprits: wrong bios settings or bad driver. So can you help me with this? If you still have the geo flex, can you go to BIOS, make a copy of your settings (on the last tab) and send me the file? Also can you tell me the driver version you are using?
            I am adding my email in case you can help me. I have also contacted Geo but they didn’t reply yet. So you are my best shot at the moment 🙂
            thanks in advance.

        2. Try last Linux MX. On SSD disk working prety good, much faster like Win 10, and use just of 25% RAM on start.
          Or alternative, you can get PrimeOS (androidOS), just on MMC disc, working incerdible fast with lot of flawour of it kind of OS.
          It’s my favorite system on this device now.

  5. Hi so I have a GeoFlex I followed your guide and, did a new windows copy, installed the drivers but Im having problems with my network adapter.

    So my network adaptor is just completely missing – no WiFi options to enable/diable etc.

    The network drivers are simply not there (not even under hidden). So I can’t unsitall/reinstall them. I’ve tried to reinstall the Intel dualband WiFi drivers manaully but that doesnt seem to work (and I’m not entirely sure which one it is, if it is that anyway!). Can you tell me what the network driver it is? And/Or point to a download link?
    Scanning for hardware changes does nothing.

    Ive plugged in a WiFi dongle and restarted etc. to see if Windows will fix the problem.
    I also did another fresh install of windows but no luck.

    I’ve tried various other solutions that have been posted online but I can’t find anything that works. (such as power plans, windows services etc.)

    Would really appreciate some feedback!


    1. Hi Andrew,
      There’s a couple of things that spring to mind – firstly did you grab the official drivers from Geo from the page?

      Secondly it’s possible, if you have the drivers already, that somehow the WiFi has managed to get disabled in the BIOS, or through the use of one of the Fn keys. I can’t remember which one of the Fn keys it is that can enable and disable WiFi off hand. But it sounds like that’s the most likely issue. It’s worth booting into the BIOS and seeing if the WiFi is enabled.

      1. Hi Steve

        Thanks for the reply.
        Yup I followed the pdf for the offical drivers from Geo as per your guide and installed them and restarted.

        The problem is that under my device manager there isn’t a driver installed for the network adaptor, and it doesnt show up under hidden either – so I’m guessing it wasn’t installed.
        If I recall correctly for the GeoFlex, the network driver is the “Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC xxxx”(But I cannot remember what series it is, perhap the 3168?)
        I was hoping that you might be able to check and confirm whice one it is and I could install it manually.

        In regards to the fn keys, I’m pretty sure for my keyboard config that none of them do control the WiFi but I guess this point is moot since there is no WiFi at all.
        For example I can’t just go to Network&Internet Settings -> Change Adapter Options -> Enable/Diable the WiFi because its simply not there.
        As matter of fact when I click on the Internet symbol it just comes up with the option to turn on and off flight mode, so again no WiFi etc. (and just to be clear its not that the device is in flight mode either)

        I had another look in the BIOS but theres no network settings at all, I’ve gone through every menu that I can open and I can’t see anything that would resemble turning on/off a WiFi setting.
        For example on my desktop this comes up as “Internal WLAN” but my GeoFlex has nothing of the sort.
        Perhaps im missing something, because I would have presumed I could enable/disable the Bluetooth in the BIOS but I cannot find this setting either. (Side note the bluetooth does work)
        But as I said I’ve gone through every menu in the BIOS with no luck finding it.

        1. I would just like to say I have now FIXED this problem!

          Indeed you were correct Steve, it is in the BIOS but not as obvious as I first thought.

          After contacting the Geo-Computers customer support they showed me what to do and here it is for anyone else experiencing this same problem:

          Go to the BIOS -> Chipset -> South Cluster Configuration -> PCI Express Configuration -> Select PCI Express Root Port 3:

          Choose the first option (PCI Express Root Port 3) and switch from Auto to ENABLED

          Save changes and exit.

          Works magically!
          Again thanks for your help Steve and the guide itself is great!

          PS: Don’t go to Currys for help fixing your GeoFlex they are absolutely garbage and wanted to charge £75 to fix this problem and their solution was to do a factory rest and update Windows (which obviously I tried and didnt work). Instead Geo-Computers has a customer portal with very speedy response!

          1. Hi Andrew,
            That’s excellent to hear, I’m glad you got it up and running.

            Thank you for posting the fix too – that’s a lot more involved than I thought it would be!

            I’m VERY happy to hear that Geo Support are still as responsive – I’ve contacted them a couple of times, but not recently and they were superb then too. Much better than Currys PC World.

            All the best,

          2. Actually, my experience with Geo support is quite the failure. All they provide is a document with how to install Windows and how to install drivers for Windows. Although I clearly indicated that my problem is a BIOS problem and I need the BIOS settings from them, they continued to force me to install windows.

  6. Hello Steve

    A quick note to say thanks for the information which I’ve used to upgrade my GeoBook 3X (32GB eMMC N4200 processor from FiveTech) not quite the same as yours but remarkably similar with regards to upgrading the SSD. I chose an M2.SSD from the Crucial MX500 range which also came with a link to the Acronis True Image cloning software and I used this to clone the Win10 operating system to the Crucial SSD.

    So thanks to HotUKDeals (£79.99 for the laptop) and your instructions on upgrading (£59 for M2.SSD) I now have a very useable laptop with a large bootable
    drive all for less than £140….Oh and the 32GB eMMC which I decided to keep untouched (with the win10 boot disabled) just in case I need to go back or if something fails.

    1. Hi Andrew,
      Thanks for your feedback. I’ve also got a Crucial SSD but in the 2.5″ format in a different machine – I’ve found it to be an excellent drive. Good idea to keep the eMMC untouched – it’s all there if you need it back at any point like that.

      I’ve also only just noticed that this was the GeoBook 3X that you upgraded in this way – not the Geo Flex. Excellent, glad to have helped there too then – they are good little machines when that upgrade is done – and the price is good too.

  7. If you are reading this and you are an owner of Geo Flex, can you please contact me? I need to have the BIOS settings of a Geo Flex with working touch screen. I have reset my bios and now my touch screen is acting all weird. If I can get the BIOS parameters from a working Geo, I hope I can fix mine. IF you think you can help please reach me at burkay.genc -at- gmail =dot= com. I really appreciate any help.

    1. hi mine has same problem did a fresh install now touchscreen doesnt work but keep getting ghosting and cursor decides to move to the left of then screen

    2. Hi Burkey, We have Geoflex 11.6 32GB without the explanation natch and I had the same problem after fresh installation of windows, and drivers supplied by Geo computers solved the weird behaviour of the screen and restored the touch screen back to life. But tell me what you need and I will have a look for you. Regards, Joseph.

  8. Is there anywhere to obtain a replacement battery for the Geoflex 2 in 1, currently switches off as soon as the jack is unplugged.

      1. I had exactly same symptoms, and just battery connector was disconnected after the laptop’s fall , so check it.

  9. Quick question to the GeoFlex 11.6 users.

    Do you see faint vertical lines baked into the digitizer? Mine has them even when switched on and you can see them with daylight. Is this typical?


  10. Question for someone more knowledgeable about these things than me !

    I’d like to install an M2 sata drive, but I’m not sure I’ve got the correct slot. All the M2 sata drives seem to have a semi-circular cut-out at the opposite end to the pins, and I can see a matching semi-circle in your slot. My slot doesn’t have this semi-circle, although I can see the pins under the back cover at the other end of the slot. Is this not an M2 slot?


    1. Hi Scotty,
      I’m not sure without looking at it – if it’s a Geo Flex with the little expansion hatch it should be an M2 slot. If you can tweet a photo to me I’m stevna on Twitter and we can try that way to identify it…


      1. Hi Steve. I’ve attempted to send a tweet! Whether or not it’ll work is another matter! Thanks for your help.

      2. Hi Steve
        Forgot to say that it is the Geo Flex with the expansion hatch. There’s what looks like a B-key connector under the plastic at the outer end of the slot.

  11. Hi, picked up one of these yesterday at a discount price. However my version doesn’t have the expansion slot? It’s just one clean piece of aluminium (?) on the underside. Just wondering whether there is still an m2 slot underneath it and whether I need to take the whole panel off?

    1. I’ve no experience with that model unfortunately – though someone posted a comment a while back indicating that if it didn’t have the slot in the bottom of the case then there was no M.2 slot inside either. But, so long as there’s no stickers covering the screws on the bottom I don’t think it’ll hurt to have a look. But it might void your warranty anyway if something goes wrong and they work out you’ve had the bottom off…

      If you decide to have a look, could you pop back and let us know?
      Good luck!

  12. Doe anybody have a copy of the c:\windows\inf\ file from an original build. After re-installing windows 1909 (no space to upgrade on 32gb from 1504) and installing the drivers everything is working but the touchscreen is not responding correctly. I managed to find a ‘close’ on the internet but towards the top of the screen touch starts to run out.

    Contents of file c:\windows\inf\
    SendCFG=1 ;Send CFG to touch IC when loading driver
    PhysicalXsize=2560 ;Physical size£¬the unit is 0.1mm

    ESD=1 ;Driver supports ESD recovery processing
    ;SensorID=0 ;According to the different SensorID send different configuration
    GtpTool=0 ;GuitarTestPlateform tool support

    Pen=0 ;stylus/pen support
    NumberOfKey=1 ;The total number of keys supported,equal to 0 does not support key
    Key1=0xe3 ;0xe3 is home key,Must be a hexadecimal number


  13. Steve,
    I’ve tried to use “MediaCreationTool1909” to move Win 10 to an USB Stick.
    My Laptop is GeoBook3. I follow the instruction to select the USB device as the target but the next panel says I need 9Gb on my C: disk and shuts down the program.
    What am I doing wrong. I have yet to plug in the M2 SSD 820S into the laptop as that is not clear in your instruction.

  14. Hi Steve,

    I’m trying to install NeverWare cloud ready and noticed you had this installed yourself. I’m having an issue where my GeoFlex refuses to boot from USB. It is being recognised in the BIOS and lets me change the boot order but it will just keep displaying the GEO logo, go to a black screen then display the Logo again.

    I have tried the USB in another machine and it booted NeverWare with no issues.

    Any ideas?


  15. Hi Steve,

    I have done the upgrade with the same WD m.2 SSD that you used but now have a problem. My battery is draining really fast. I’m not sure if this is due to to the drive or Windows update which was done.



    1. Hi Eric,
      I never saw that issue myself – which was one of the reasons I chose the Green drive since it’s a little slower than the blue but less energy hungry.

      It might pay to open up Task Manager and have a look at which processes are using the most power?

  16. Hi there,

    I recently acquired one of these laptops in the hopes that it would have the SSD slot to upgrade the storage, but unfortunately ended up with one of the revisions with the flush panel on the bottom.

    As others have said however, upon removing the entire bottom panel, it seems there is indeed a space where the card would sit, and I’m fairly sure that despite the physical port not being present, that the solder points likely exist where it would be (though I need to have a proper look after writing this).

    Long story short; I’m wondering if simply soldering on the connector would work just as well (as some other laptop brands can have theirs enabled this way despite the same missing-connector difference), and was wondering if you’d happen to know the part number of the connector used?

    I figure it may have some numbers or other useful information printed onto or embedded into it.

    That way I can look it up, order a connector, and give it a go!

    Thanks for any help, and if anyone else reading this comment is also willing to help provide this information, thank you in advance!

  17. Hello,
    Geoflex touchscreen was disabled from within BIOS. Can’t rember the settings to re enable it. Does anyone know what settings ?
    Thanks 🙂

  18. We have a 2.5 years old Geoflex 11.6″ 32GB without the expantion hatch and with Windows 10 installed.
    Windows 10 take all the space even after fresh install of the opatation system.
    We also had touch screen drivers problem, that an email to Geo computers solved.
    Where could I get a suitable 64GB eMMC storage? as I’m up to a soldering job.


    1. Hi Joseph,
      Yeah, unfortunately 32Gigs just doesn’t cut it any more. In terms of ‘up to a soldering job’ it would be a very complex soldering job I suspect. I haven’t looked, but it’s likely to be a surface mount device with pins underneath and would require hot air soldering at best. That said, it is potentially doable. But the eMMCs aren’t a consumer device and would likely need to come from the manufacturer. You /might/ be able to find one on somewhere like AliExpress but it’s going to be a complex undertaking that may result in a dead GeoFlex.

      Before you go that route, have a look under the back cover, you might find an M.2 slot under there anyway – just without the convenient hatch. I don’t know as mine had the hatch. But if you have the M.2 slot that would be a far better, easier and safer solution.

      If you don’t have the M.2 slot, a safer solution than trying to solder an eMMC would be to use a USB3 external SSD to store your userdata. It’s a little cumbersome perhaps, but USB3 is pretty quick, and an SSD would be far faster than a pendrive. You’d need a USB3 to SATA caddy. 240Gbyte SSDs are pretty cheap these days and I doubt you’d notice the difference speedwise between that and an eMMC.

      You can tell Windows 10 to store all user files on a separate disk and any new programs can also be installed there. Of course they won’t work if the USB3 drive is disconnected but it may just get you a working machine again. A bit of sticky backed velcro on the caddy and the laptop lid could keep it safe(ish) and not be too cumbersome.

      Let me know how you get on!

    1. Hi Joseph,
      There’s no problem 🙂 But, I do manually approve all comments to reduce the amount of spam. If I published comments immediately the page would be overwhelmed with all sorts of rubbish that you’d have to wade through 🙂 And since it’s just me, it can take a couple of days before I’m back at my computer. Apologies for the delay but you can see the reply I’ve made to your actual comment above 🙂

      All the best,

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