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Setting Up OSX in VirtualBox on OSX Host

Setting up OSX on OSX itself might seem a little odd. But it’s a great way to try out new software (such as I do for our sister site which reviews MacOS/OSX software at without trashing your every day system. Especially if some of the software installs new drivers or system level stuff (such as Antivirus software does, VPN software, or even screen recording software).

I’ve recently installed (again) VirtualBox and it seems to have come on leaps and bounds since I last looked at it, particularly for installing OSX within.

However, I’ve found a few glitches, which I’ll explain how to iron out here.

Firstly, for me, the screen resolution on my MacBook Pro Retina was stuck at 1024×768 – which is just ancient. And horrible. So I dug around on Google and found an article describing how to change it. The pertinent part for me I’ve copied below (in case the site it’s on disappears) but I’ve linked to the actual article too because a) the author deserves the credit for this solution, not me and b) there’s 2 other solutions that may work for you if the one below doesn’t.

Fix Screen Resolution for MacOS in VirtualBox

Execute this command in VirtualBox folder;

“vmname”– Excact virtual machine name of Mac OS X. If the name has spaces, you must use quotes.

No 3 – this is the number of video modes. Only 5 resolutions are supported:

  • 0 – 640×480
  • 1 – 800×600
  • 2 – 1024×768
  • 3 – 1280×1024
  • 4 – 1440×900

Or you can add a string on Virtual machine’s XML file to execute this command every time while machine is coming up;

The original article is here and I recommend you check it out;

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