IDPLR Review

This detailed IDPLR review will show you the good and the bad of one of the internets biggest PLR providers

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IDPLR Review

You would probably accept that it takes quite a lot of time to build eBooks or bonus items. Many individuals think that to complement their website, they have to put in hours of work to create an eBook or additional product. However, certain Private Label Rights (PLR) on certain goods that are already manufactured can actually be bought. This detailed IDPLR review will show the positive and poor parts of the program’s use.

What does IDPLR mean?

PLR applies to the Private Labels Rights. And PLR content enables you to assert the content’s creator. One of the most renowned PLR membership sites that offer PLR products is IDPLR. This site is used by more than 70,000 individuals as their PLR content solution.

You can quickly get PLR items from IDPLR if you don’t have the time to create content from scratch. You can change it by adding or deleting details once you get PLR content and resell it under your own name.

The Licenses

What PLR service providers do is make products with complete authorship by their own dedicated team or external teams or source and allow their members to use those products as their own. For various types of goods, however, there are different types of licenses. For its goods, IDPLR offers the following licenses.

  • Rights to a Private Label (PLR)
  • Resell Rights (RR)
  • Rights of Master Resell (MRR)
  • Individual Rights
  • Rights of Giveaway

What will you get from IDPLR?

Now that we understand what IDPLR is, how it operates, and what kind of licenses it offers, let’s look at what you’re going to get once you become a member of this network.

Loads of Posts: You’ll be delighted to know that with Private Label Rights, IDPLR gives you over 200,000 articles. You can use those articles to publish on your website, use them to extend your email list, use those articles to post to improve interaction on social media, and so on.

EBooks: In different categories, including digital marketing, cooking, travel, banking, yoga, fitness, and more niches, the platform offers you more than 6000 eBooks with Private Label Rights. On this site, however, eBooks in the tech niche are very rare.

Videos: In different categories, including social media marketing, email marketing, digital marketing, search engine optimization, Funnel, and many more, there are more than 1600 videos with PLR and other licenses. The bulk of their video items are in the niche of marketing. You may be disappointed if you check for videos other than the marketing niche.

Software: With different licenses, IDPLR provides different software. But there’s a small collection.

Web Hosting: Web hosting with 10 GB of storage is also available on secure and fast servers. With cPanel included.

Page Builder: IDPLR lets you use their page builder program to develop landing pages.

Templates: To make it simple to create a website that can make money from PLR content, there are loads of pre-designed templates. In different niches, such as online marketing, pets, fitness, money, fashion, meditation, and much more, you can find hundreds of blog templates.

Audio: The collection of audio is very small. Approximately 300 audio types exist. In order to make videos, play podcasts, resell, and more, individuals also use these audios. In particular, advertisers use audio to run podcasts on their social media to improve interaction.

3D eCover: IDPLR has a built-in 3D eCover app for your PLR products that allows you to build a 3D cover. With that app, with a live preview, you can easily build a 360-degree rotatable eCover. Although the templates are limited as they’ve got only 6 templates.

Free Content: Free content for free members is offered by IDPLR. E-books, graphics, apps, video, audio, models, and video tutorials form part of the free-range. It is not so good for the quality of free content. I would’ve said average.

Graphics: You can find this section helpful if you want graphic materials ready for your niche that you can simply pick and use. Banners, presentations, photos for marketing campaigns, and much more are available at IDPLR. Most of their graphical content, however, is in the marketing niche.

Tutorials: To assist with technological difficulties, they have developed video tutorials. You can learn how to build a sales page, the simple use of Adobe Photoshop, how to utilize PLR content for the best possible results, and much more by watching these videos. For beginners, it can be helpful.

Is IDPLR a Scam?

This is a difficult one to correctly tell. It’s important to remember, first of all, that PLR is absolutely legit. People sell their intellectual property, and it is purchased by other individuals. That’s good. But IDPLR, is it? IDPLR offers thousands of PLR resources for you. But they do not live up to their commitments, as you’re about to find out in this IDPLR analysis.

IDPLR: The Pros

Here are some of the things about IDPLR that are good…

Thousands of Materials From IDPLR

Yeah, IDPLR truly provides you with thousands of downloadable PLR content. Currently, before paying a penny, you can try 2 items out for free. If you’re looking to expand your email list for a fast freebie, then IDPLR might just be what you’re looking for…

To Expand Your List, Make Fast Freebies

This is possibly the easiest way to use the IDPLR system. A list of what you can do and what you are not allowed to do with it is available for each product. There are some things, however, that it’s important to be aware of before diving in…

IDPLR: The Cons

Some of the poor IDPLR sections will be presented to you in this portion of this IDPLR review.

Technical Issues

On the web, there are numerous accounts of individuals struggling to use certain IDPLR functions. One part that I struggled with personally was trying to upload an eBook to IDPLR. I thought I would see what the process was like for uploading something to the website because I already have some freebie eBooks and content. I found that you had to check the Captcha box, but the box was missing. Therefore, uploading something to the website was unlikely.

Unrealistic Bonuses

I honestly thought the price wasn’t bad for having a load of PLR material. But when I saw the incentives they were chucking at you, the alarm bells started ringing very loudly. You get a free website hosting service, a landing page designer, an eBook cover maker, and more for $89 (you have to upgrade to lifetime access to get this).

Of course, you get thousands of PLR materials, too. The thing is that the cheapest hosting website I have ever seen is around $70 A YEAR with Bluehost! The hosting was with Bitreveal, which begins at $29 a month (which is much more believable). This prompted me to wonder if the $89 was, as they say, for lifetime access or an extra $29 a month as Bitreveal (the hosting site).

No Help from Customer Support

This is a big red flag. When you’re thinking about a refund, if you can’t even get in touch with them, how likely do you think you’ll get help?

Are you even able to use PLR?

Hobo-web explains that if you use duplicate material from another website, Google penalizes the website. Therefore, since someone else almost definitely did this, there is no way you can use any of the PLR documents on your website. The only thing for which you can use the PLR content realistically is as freebies to expand your email list or try to sell them. The arguments that it is used to expand a website are entirely unrealistic.

Old and Obsolete Content

Content is super redundant. It seems like everything that is available was last revised in mid-2017. This may have anything to do with the fact that PLR content cannot be submitted to the website by individuals.

Content is of low quality

It looks like some nice stuff might be included to start with. But it is so average when you really dive into the material. The article I tried looks like a 12-year-old did some homework through Wikipedia and put together a mishmash of simple data that doesn’t really help.

The Best Alternative to IDPLR

Have you heard of Fiverr? Well, it is a freelancing platform where expert freelancers provide their services. Whether you are looking for some unique articles for your website or you want to build a responsive website, you can acquire the services of professionals. Through Fiverr, for instance, you will get high-quality articles and blogs. Unlike IDPLR, this content will be original, and there will be no plagiarism issue.

As there are so many freelancers providing their services on Fiverr, you get to choose from a wide range of individuals and get the content done for you. In this way, you can also get cost-effective services. Moreover, if you want a refund or you want to cancel an order, you can always get to customer support, and you will get a quick response. 


It is highly recommended to only use the free account if you really want to get a couple of pieces of content. I suppose if you really like it, you might also just use another email address and get a couple more. It’s just not worth investing a penny here when you take into account the non-existent support, obsolete content, and technological faults of the website. As already mentioned above, if you want quality content and products, you can opt for Fiverr.