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Admin (1)

This category is where I'll post stuff that relates more to the Administration aspects of this website itself. You could probably consider it to be a bit of 'site news' even. But it's for Administravia type stuff anyway. So enjoy :)

Comparisons (3)

In this category you will find posts where we compare one product or service with another. You can use these posts for example when you're trying to decide which is right for you when you're faced with two competing products or services. Our information will always be based purely on our own experiences and does not constitute advice on whether one should purchase any specific product or service. It will try to outline the positives and negatives of each product in a fair and independent manner. But just because we prefer one product or service does not necessarily mean that you will. You should use the information provided to further your research before making your own decision.

Cryptocurrency (1)

Cryptocurrency is taking the world by storm and can be complicated to understand and work with. In this category we look at various cryptocurrency topics ranging from BitCoin or DigiByte or other cryptocurrencies themselves as well as topics around the edges.

Hardware (9)

This topic looks at aspects of computer hardware and might include how to do things with your computer hardware, which hardware is best to buy, or even building or repairing different aspects of hardware.

Home Security (1)

Home security is a hot topic as the crime rate continues to escalate around the world. This topic looks at various different aspects surrounding ways to improve the security of your home. We'll look at different cameras available, different ways to record the videos and audio from your cameras and best ways to store and secure it.

How To? (8)

This broad ranging topic will look at all sorts of different How Tos. If you don't know 'how to' do something, you'll likely find the answer in this topic. Assuming we've written about it of course. But then you probably wouldn't be here if we haven't!

HTPC (6)

HTPC is an abbreviation for Home Theatre PC and in this topic we look at different ways to build, run and enjoy a home theatre PC system. The topic has been partially superseded by the rise of streaming music and streaming video services such as Netflix - but a lot of people still like to keep their own media libraries locally at home and Home Theatre PC provides a space saving (shelf wise) way to keep all your DVDs, CDs and Blueray disks at hand and convenient without necessarily needing internet access.

Lifestyle (4)

In this topic we look at different areas of our, usually digital, lifestyle. Whichever particular lifestyle aspect we're looking at, you'll find that the information is still, Most Useful

Linux (9)

As avid Linux users ourselves and with 25 years experience (yes, we started when you had to download Linux onto floppy disks. Indeed, they were downloaded through UUEncoded e-mails) we feel somewhat qualified to talk about various Linux subjects. Often incorporating Windows Subsystem For Linux - which we know a lot of purists won't necessarily like - but always Linux focused, these posts will look at installing and using Linux of various flavours

Mac (5)

Most Useful authors have used various computer systems throughout their time, including Apple Mac and this topic will be explored in these posts. From whether a particular Mac application is useful and how to use it, through to new Mac hardware or how to use Mac in the cloud for example

Money (2)

Money makes the world go around so they say. It makes life easier that's for sure. We're not money experts and anything in this topic will be general in nature. You should always consult a professional money advisor for any actual advise regarding money. But this topic will look at different ways you can make some money online, or how to spend it.